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  • FDA Operator
    We worked on the development of application FDA Operator, the financial instrument intended for capital investment in deposit and securities.
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With the help of this web application, you have an opportunity to buy financial instruments calculating incomes and risks. Financial instruments in the project are the stocks of the local Australian and large global companies and profitable deposit programs of banks. Investing online you can from anywhere in the world. Besides, you have the opportunity to buy stocks for risk minimization, for counting incomes of holdings of shares you have chosen, for tracing of the market data for the past period. The goal of the project was the creation of the online-platform for investing in the fastest and the most convenient way.
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  • Implementation of a convenient and intuitive user interface was the start of our project. Further as the main point of the development process was the creation of modules with the story and instrument analytics. A number of statistical methods of analysis were developed. To get maximal profit and risk diversification there is a possibility to buy specific financial instruments. Placement of control elements of financial instruments has been implemented taking into account the ease of operation and use.
One of the immediate tasks was the creation of the high-speed web app with immediate response to the customer's operation. When analyzing data, a lot of analytical operations are performed and they significantly affect the processing speed. Also, it should be noted that the data was stored in a large volume, that in the early stages of development negatively affected the speed of the application. The developers faced a difficult task - the speed optimization during the development process.
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To optimize page loading, validation, and update the following technologies were used:
  • Razor - for rendering and validation of the data model.
  • Entity framework - to maximize the speed of the database.
  • jQuery plug-in DataTable API - were used to customize the of tabular data and create the optimum database query to retrieve data.
All calculations are done based on whether you have shares of only one company (individual calculations) or a few companies (group calculations). The statistical calculations are executed very fast using the actual data. To optimize the database, with the help of Entity framework the optimal set of data was chosen.
The next step was the work with virtual tables. It provided a speed boost and the absolute precision of the calculation.
Another challenge was to get the price, to process and implement the API for reading the processed data. For price download, services for data reading were written from open sources and the API was developed for distribution to external access to the processed data.
The big team of developers implemented a fast download speed investment system with the user-friendly interface.
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  • Back-end: C#, ASP.NET MVC.
  • DB: MSSQL, ADO.NET, Entity framework, LINQ.
  • Front-end: CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, DataTable.
  • Example:
    There is a task to buy 100 stocks of a particular company. This operation can be done online from each corner of the world viewing the prices of shares, their dynamics, statistics and forecasts in advance. For risk diversification, it is possible to create a custom basket of products, consisting of 50 shares of company A and 50 stocks of company B. For example, the client creates a case which includes 50% of shares and 50% of deposit.
    The stock market is very dynamic. Shares at the expiration of the period can both go up and lose in price, so the part can be invested in a deposit which will provide specified income. How does this diversification look like? The client invests 25% in shares of company A, 25% in company B and 50% in the commercial deposit which brings specified income in comparison with shares.
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As the result, the client has the maximal range of investment instruments with the ability to calculate the risks and incomes to gain profit with the ease of operation.


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