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  • Employee Confidential
    Employee Confidential is a CRM (ERP) system for creating tasks, milestones, deadlines, and monitoring of their implementation.
The main goal was to create the corporate platform for case management.
Digitization of cases that are carried out manually should be implemented. Our developers realized flexible work setting sequence. The ability to create a status of an anonymous owner was the next step of development process. We also had to create affairs accident investigation and add a notification on the work progress/work delays.
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  • Web team designed the logical structure of the web pages, thought out the most convenient solutions to supply information and execution of the web project.
    The design idea of Employee Confidential was implemented completely from scratch according to the wishes of the customer. We realized intuitive and not cluttered user interface. Our designers are familiar with the latest web technologies and in a short time, they rendered web design for all types of devices.
  • Mobile layout
    The widespread use of mobile devices requires the responsive layout. Responsive version of the mobile site provided the possibility not to implement a separate mobile site and speeded up the development process keeping the ease of the application’s use on any device and browser.
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  • Messenger
    To speed up the communication between employees and departments, it was decided to implement a corporate messenger. Message exchange occurs in real-time, and with the help of notification system employees always have current information on tasks. Custom chats are implemented to send personal messages and to chat in the conference.
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  • While working we had to overcome a few difficulties: the creation of many roles (creator, applicant, anonymous complainant, performer, observer, etc.) and their interactions. When implementation the project, a special role has been assigned to the distribution of user roles. To realize the task on the access level "tree" roles have been implemented for their encapsulation.
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  • Going to plan, we implemented a scheduler.
    When you create a case it is possible to establish the stages and deadlines for each of them. In the case of failure of one stage, the additional burden to the next stage is imposed. On this stage, notification-function was also implemented
    Our team decision was:
    • for the construction of stages the possibility to set the number of steps with the ability to adjust them was realized;
    • to monitor the implementation of the special stages special scheduler has been implemented. The main function of the scheduler was to notify responsible employees about the need to perform the task;
    • to access the current status of the project at each stage changes/updates are logged and sent out according to the roles.
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  • Used technologies:
    • Back-end: C#, .Net Fremwork, ASP.NET, Entity Framwork
    • Front-end: CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, jQuery UI, Bootstrap
    • DB: Ado.Net, Entity Framwork, LINQ, ModelFirst, SQL, MS SQL
    The result of intensive teamwork was the creation of the corporate platform for automating and digitizing of internal workflows.


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