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It is specialized service for the complete cycle of giving gifts online.
  • The program includes the following possibilities:
    • donate money online
    • send congratulations
    • add photos or greetings
    The main goal of the web app is to give presents to the newlyweds. Technically the idea was implemented using the Umbarco CMS and ASP.Net. This application allows to select the day of the wedding of newlyweds, to write greetings. You can also leave your private data, and also send money just from the site. Besides, there is a possibility to send a present at once, money will be taken out during 6 months.
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CMS Umbarco work setting
To speed up the development process we worked out CMS Umbarco connection. This simplified the process of development expanding existing modules.
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Creating mobile layout and cross-browser compatibility
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To simplify the work with the site we made mobile responsive layout. The layout was made compatible for all screen extensions starting from the small screens of smartphones with a diagonal 4-inch screen, tablets, desktop PC and laptops. Optimization during the development process.
Cross-browser setting. All the pages were adapted to all major browsers - Chrome, Opera, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari.
As result, the user got user-friendly interface and the full functionality of each page regardless of the device and the preferred browser.
The payment system implementation
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  • The main task in the congratulation is the ability to send a money gift. To solve this problem, several payment systems have been added.
    With the help of the payment system it is possible to send a money gift to the card user. Payment can be split into parts. In this case, the commission will be automatically calculated and the total amount to be withdrawn will be displayed.
Adding photos and videos
  • When writing greetings there is the option to load the cards or make a photo / selfie or photo directly from your device. To connect to the camera we worked with the API. Photos can be made from any mobile device, regardless of operating system, laptop camera or camera connected with desktop computers.
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The result of a great development team work and excellent management was implemented on-line cash gifting system, which helped to speed up and simplify the procedure of giving gifts in the case when you have no opportunity to congratulate personally.


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