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is the project for education via courses that provide a comfortable interface for single users, wholecompanies and authors to create share and learn courses.
  • Students and teachers can use it. The portal suggests auser-friendly registration, where a user can choose a type of account he wants to create: single user, company owner or course author..
    In case single user account – user can watch the information about each course and its author; watch the course ratings, video preview.
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  • If the user likes the course, he can buy it with the price, installed byauthor. The company can do the same operation. It this case, the course become available for all the company employees.
The education system provides a comfortable video player that automatically switches to the next module, after the first module is complete. After each module, there can be interactive training exercises, which helps to check the material. After completing all modules, there can be an exam, after which user will receive a certificate. The course’s author can select if the users can watch the modules of the course again, or they will have only one try.
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  • The portal also provide the statistics page, which gather all information about completed or just started courses and shows it with the help of clear graphics and tables There is a functionality to filter results by course,date, company department or separate user (for a company account only).
  • A company owner or a company’s department manager can manage what courses are available for users, and what is not. For companies there is an interface to manage start time for the course and the deadline. After the deadline, company employees will not be able to access the course.
    Each company can invite a user, so that he becomes a company’s employee after registration. In addition, a company owner can fire an employee, so the user will not be able to access courses that will buy the company.
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  • If acompany owner decides to create their own private course, he can do it with the instrument of creating newcourses. Later this course can become a public course, which can be sell via a portal shop.
    Front-End: Bootstrap, jQuery, simplePDF
    Back-End: Entity framework, Mandrill e-mail server, Datatable, Vimeo


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