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The IT-company Computools requires "ASP.NET Developer" with Junior/Middle level to participate in the development of new or existing projects.
We, in turn, provide everything necessary for efficient achieve the goals you. Success is guaranteed, if you motivated, trained and know how to reach a set before purpose.

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An ASP.NET developer must have experience and proficiency in ASP.NET. Knowledge of other web frameworks, patterns, and programming languages is beneficial to the ideal candidate. Examples include CSS, HTML, Javascript, and C#. Most ASP.NET developers have at least a bachelor's degree in computer science or another related field. In addition to the standard qualifications and knowledge, this job requires strong organization skills, meticulous attention to detail, and good communication skills.

An ASP.NET developer typically works as part of a team, but individual work is also necessary. This job will require a wide array of tasks. The developer will primarily work on developing and supporting applications and programs. He or she will also serve as an analyst for other applications and programs by verifying completeness and functionality. This involves inputting sample data and evaluating the output of results, as well as debugging any errors that might come up. Work on already existing programs may also be required. Examples of such work include adding new features and functions to existing programs, optimizing them, or modifying them if a new problem comes up. The developer must maintain regular contact with other employees, which includes reporting progress and problems at team meetings, training end users in the use of programs, and assisting users who have issues with the programs.