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Open Positions

  1. Software Architect

    There are about 653 job openings for this position. While it may be the least number of IT’s hottest vacancies available, it is important to note that this is so only because the job itself calls for a senior and technical role as compared to any other IT-related positions like software engineers. Being one of those higher earning positions with a median base salary of $130,000, you might want to seek assistance in writing your resume to boost your job application.

  2. UX Designer
  3. There are about 863 job openings for this position. UX designers are fairly new to the list of best jobs in 2016. As more companies endeavor to build their online presence, the demand for UX designers has begun to rise.

    This is most especially because there is an increasing number of potential customers who use mobile apps or websites in researching about the product. This position, therefore, becomes important in making products more usable and accessible. The median base salary of UX designers is $91,800.

  4. QA Manager

    There is a relatively high demand for QA managers amounting to 3,749 job openings. QA managers monitor the quality of new products before they are released to the public. This is why it will not come as a surprise that the demand for this position will continue to rise in the future.

    The median base salary for QA managers is $85,000. If you are worried about the competition among job seekers, you can always hire professional writers or ask some services, for example, such as Essay Supply to assist you in crafting a unique and customized resume.

  5. Software Development Manager

    There are about 1,199 job openings for this position with a median base salary of $135,000. This appears to be one of the highest-earning positions in the list, which makes it more appealing to job seekers. As this is a managerial position, it requires a high degree of education, strong technical skills, and several years of experience in the software industry.